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Welcome to the WPChimp!

WPChimp is a resource site offers quality tutorials, how-to guides, actionable tips on WordPress, Blogging and SEO.

My name is Saurabh. I’m a full-time blogger and loves to write about Web Performace and Search Engine Optimization. This blog is basically where I get to share my experiences of Web Development, Blogging, and Digital Marketing.

What Do We Do At WPChimp?

At WPChimp, we try (yes we); because I also invite experts to share their ideas and best practices with you) to help bloggers and digital marketers to do the right things on the web in order to grow and promote their blogs.

The Web is a massive and open space and therefore if you don’t do things right, you may find it very hard to be heard out there as a Blogger or as a Digital Marketer.

Our tagline is “Blogging Made Easy with Best WordPress Tools & Resources”. and

On the same lines our main objective is to Make Blogging As Simple As Possible.

Who Is This Blog For?

WPChimp is for:

  • People who are yet to start blogging.
  • People who are new to blogging.
  • People who have been blogging for some time but have had trouble cruising through the technical part like:
    • Writing SEO friendly posts
    • Customizing their websites
    • Choosing the right plugins for their needs.
  • People who have been blogging for some time but now want to take their blogging career to another level, i.e. Monetizing their Blog.

What Will You Get From This Blog?

Lots of stuffs. One thing I can assure you that you will be able to get lots of helpful stuffs like:

  • Blog posts explaining how to tackle matters WordPress Optimization, Blogging, Digital Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Web Design & Development, and E-commerce.
  • Tutorials & Courses
  • Expert opinions
  • Interviews with some of the successful bloggers and digital marketers and so much more.

Where Exactly Do We Get Our Content From?

As I said, I read a lot. I research a lot. And since the web is currently loaded with lots of materials, research has been very exciting and interesting for me.

What you will be getting from this blog are well-researched articles, written by me or someone else from the Team WPChimp.

I will also share with you the things I’ve learned in my blogging career. How I did it? How I failed? and How I corrected my mistakes.

Wondering where to start… You should Start reading here.

With the introduction now in place, let’s begin this fantastic journey of ours! Welcome to WPChimp and feel free to contact me in case of anything related to WordPress, Blogging, and SEO.

Happy Blogging!!!