How to integrate WPChimp with Google Analytics or Mixpanel

Starting with version 1.3, the WPChimp plugin can automatically integrate with both Google Analytics and Mixpanel.

To get it working you need to complete two steps:

Install a tracking code

You need to have a tracking code installed for either Google Analytics, Mixpanel or both.

Note that we only support the new Google Universal Analytics.

Enable the integration

Once you have a tracking code on your site, you need to enable the integration in WPChimp’s settings section.


Sit back

Once you have completed both steps above, you will start to see events come in when your users interact with WPChimp forms.

What data do we send?

We’re sending events each time somebody submits a form, and if the submission results in a validation error, we’re going to send another, “error”, event.

For each submission we’re sending the form’s name and the value of the email field.

For error events, we’re sending the form name, the value of the email field, the field that is failing validation, the field’s value and the error message.

Mixpanel events will receive “WPChimp Form Submitted” and “WPChimp Form Error” events with data as described above, while Google Analytics will receive events with the category set to “WPChimp”, the action set to “Form Submitted” or “Form Error” and the rest of the data concatenated in the label.

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