What is WPChimp

WPChimp is a WordPress plugin that lets your readers subscribe to your MailChimp email lists directly from your site.

Everything revolves around signup forms. You can define multiple forms and you can add them to the site by adding widgets to sidebars or by using shortcodes in posts or pages.

Each signup form is linked to an email list and will automatically get the list’s merge tags from MailChimp. Each merge tag will become a form field that you can disable or reorder on a form-by-form basis.

Currently, we support the following fields: Date Fields, Dropdown Fields, Email Fields, Number Fields, Radio Buttons and Text Fields.

If looks are important to you, don’t worry, we provide different styles that you can choose, so your forms will integrate more closely into your site’s theme.

You can choose amongst six color schemes and three form layouts.

The built-in styles are responsive and built with a mobile-first approach so they will work on mobile devices.

If you want even more flexibility and are not afraid of a little coding, you can create unstyled forms and code your own styles or you can use the template tags to add forms where it’s not possible by using widgets and shortcodes.

WPChimp can be translated into any language and we were careful to build internationalization support from the beginning.

For a list of features, check out the features page and for a demo, check out the demo page.

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